Smoothie Moves

One of my new habits is reading some of my favorite magazines – Shape, Women’s Health, etc. and tearing pages out with my favorite workouts and recipes and keeping them in a portfolio. One of my recent finds was a suggestion for a breakfast smoothie:

I broke out the trusty blender and made my substitutions where necessary. What ended up going in my blender was:

-frozen cherries
-frozen mangoes
-almond milk
-vanilla Chobani
-a bit of honey

The end result was pretty good! I think, however, I may have used too much honey, because the overall taste was pretty sweet. This meant that Husband did not enjoy it and wouldn’t drink it. More for me! Good way to get some vitamins and protein first thing in the morning, if you ask me.

I will definitely be attempting more “green” smoothies in the future to perfect my proportions. I am also looking to order some powdered whey protein to add in to the mix!

3 thoughts on “Smoothie Moves

    if you are looking for information about green smoothies, this is THE book. my mom’s friend swears by them. she drinks green smoothies all day and then has dinner. there are sweeter and savory ones. you would love this, i don’t have my own copy or i would lend it to you. it is a fascinating read, especially someone concerned about health and life fitness. the book also has recipes.


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