Superbowl Libations

So in “untypical” SuperBowl fashion, there was no Superbowl party for me this year. People were having parties, but with my travel all week and my parents returning from Spain … I opted to stay in and hang out with them. The first ingredient for our “party” was wine:

Even though it’s freezing outside, with a fire roaring and the space heater cranked up. this crispy, chilled wine was the perfect contribution to a festive last Sunday of football (for this season, anyway). This wine is on the less expensive side, which makes it attractive, but it’s not anything to write home about. It doesn’t have a very distinctive smell, and while it has fruity undertones to the tune of grapefruit and a little bit of lemon – it’s not nearly as strong-tasting as some other Pinot Grigio’s I have tasted. It was fine for this occasion, however, when people are usually sucking back beer! Since I knew my parents would be tired and hungry upon their (delayed) return back to the States:

I took the liberty of ordering a couple of pizzas from a local favorite, Nero’s Pub:

They were delicious and all the slices were gone before we knew it. Since it still looks like this outside:

It would be nice if we had another Snow Day, but that most likely won’t happen. So after the Superbowl (which had one of the BEST halftime shows I’ve seen in quite some time!), it’s back home so I can get up and start another work week – getting excited about making meal plans and deciding which days to work out!


3 thoughts on “Superbowl Libations

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