What Sunshine Tastes Like

Anyone who travels a lot for business will tell you that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. It’s great to get to see new places and see new things, but often, a work trip doesn’t include a whole lot of time for frolicking. Luckily, this week, a trip to Miami sounded heavenly no matter how little time was left for fun. We were going to be leaving 20 inches of snow for 85 degrees and sunshine! Yes, please.

Even though we spent a majority of the day at a trade show, in the late evening, we were able to take a break to soak in some wonderful weather at the poolside restaurant and bar of the hotel where we we stayed:

We knew we’d be going out to dinner later, so we kept it nice and light. Miami does two things VERY well. The Mojito and FISH TACOS! I had a taste of both:

Since we still had more work to do, I just had a taste of the famous Mojito, but MAN, are they tasty! Husband has told me that it’s all due to the freshness of the mint down in the south. I’m not sure what the secret is, but I’m glad they have it.

The Fish Tacos really hit the spot, since we hadn’t eaten much throughout the  day. The fish was spicy and only lightly battered, mostly grilled. The salsa was thick and added an extra kick that I loved!

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