Another installment in the Cheapo Wine Contest

Today at the grocery store, I decided to continue the Cheapo Wine Contest by doing a summary of all the different kinds of Yellow Tail, since the Shiraz worked out to be the winner in the first installment. Sort of a “Round Robin” of Cheapo wine. Or something like that.

Up first:

Opening this wine produces a seriously scintillating aroma. There are notes of various fruits – blackberries and cherries are first to mind. There is a hint of something darker, perhaps chocolate. Pinots (in my experience) are notorious for having a broad range of tastes and smells, but you might assume that a less expensive version like this one might not fall into that category. The factual answer to that question might be found through a separate experiment in which I buy several bottles of Yellow Tail Pinot Noir and compare their tastes and scent. The temporary answer is that from what I recall from my past experiences with this brand and varietal, is that it actually holds true with this cheaper version. (Don’t worry, I relish the thought of doing yet another taste test … it seems like the more tests I do, the more comparison tests I come up with!)

Back to the Pinot Noir. The nice thing about this wine is that it actually really improved with a little time for it to open up! The flavors grew stronger and more pleasant, as did the aroma. By the time Husband got home, he was definitely ready to enjoy. His thoughts were:

On the sniff? Blackberries and cherries (same as me!)
On the tongue? A sweet and pleasant aftertaste. He didn’t notice an overwhelming presence of tannins or too sharp a taste. He didn’t think the taste of alcohol was overwhelming (unlike the Little Roo Shiraz) and that overall, the taste was smooth, deep and rich. As an afterthought, he added that there was an overall hint of citrus (perhaps orange?) that ran throughout the tasting of this wine.

Overall, we both really liked this wine and preferred it to the Yellowtail Shiraz. This wine seemed a bit more … mature and complex. It had an overall better taste, with a broader appeal and more complexity. **I must disclose at this point that Pinot Noir as a general varietal is one of my faves, so I may have a bit of a bias.** At $4.50, this is certainly a wine I would purchase again, and for times/events that I just don’t feel like a pricier wine is the appropriate option.

2 thoughts on “Another installment in the Cheapo Wine Contest

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