It Doesn’t Have to Look Good

Most every cooking show on the Food Network, and of course, Top Chef, teaches that presentation is a huge factor in the overall judgment of a dish. Luckily, my visual appraisal of food has relatively low importance for enjoyment of it. I say luckily, because while I AM capable of beautiful dishes with impeccable plating, oftentimes, my favorite foods involve mashing a bunch of things together and chowing down, as shown here and here. As in the latter example, my Oster Rice Cooker played an important role in tonight’s unsightly mish mash.

On Friday, before leaving for paradise, I took a container of black bean and mushroom chili (original recipe from out of the freezer because I didn’t want Husband to have to fend for himself while I was out of town. Unfortunately, he didn’t think it looked appetizing enough (I believe he said it looked “disgusting”) so it was still sittin’ in the fridge when I got home! I had a plot plan to use this concoction for dinner. But first, I had to learn how to cook quinoa. After a bit of online searching, I stumbled upon this gem of an article that explains how to use the Rice Cooker to do so.

Meanwhile, I took my leftovers from the Veggie Fajitas I had at Salsa 17, and put them in a pot with the chili to warm the mixture up. It smelled delicious almost instantaneously.

After a bit, the stream of steam slowed from the Rice Cooker and the quinoa was also done!

Then all it took was my “little bit of this, little bit of that” method, throw some salsa on top, and dinner was born!

As I said, gross-looking, but seriously satiating. And with all the veggies, lots of nutritional value! My dinner was inevitably going to look like this, given how the day started out.

We had a couple of avocados left from our trip to the store last week, and knew we needed to use them before they went south. Husband served them with a side of eggs and cottage cheese!

We both agreed that it wasn’t the most attractive breakfast we’ve ever enjoyed, but it still hit the spot nonetheless. Appearances can be deceiving.

According to Penny, however, if the food doesn’t look good, it’s not worth her while to get out of bed on a weekday:

Oh. Nevermind! I was wrong, and she is not afraid to let me know it:

She has demanded I retract my statement about her and stop spreading lies. You win this time, Penny.


4 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Have to Look Good

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