Getting Back in the Habit

Getting Back in the Habit … wasn’t that the subtitle for Sister Act 2? If so, I profoundly apologize. I must still be disoriented from my early morning wakeup :). With all that’s been going on in the last couple of weeks, it’s been a while since I forced myself out of bed at this ungodly hour to exercise. Also, it’s much harder to do when it’s cold frigid and dark outside. Husband and I both made it relatively on time, however.

Since my back was still a bit stiff from breaking the gym fast, I planned for a semi-light workout to get moving. It looked like this:

20 23 minutes on the Arc Trainer (I had to allot extra time to catch the end of “Saved By the Bell.”
– 3 sets of 15 leg press (weight set at 95)
– 3 sets of 15 hip adduction
– 3 sets of 15 hip abduction (both of these done on the creepy machines that I can’t bring myself to do at any other time but 6am)
– 3 sets of 20 Standing Side Leg Lift (I used my resistance bands, which made Husband very happy since he bought it for me and claims I never use it!)
– 5 intervals of jump rope (The goal was to do a minute each time, but considering how out of practice I am … it was more like 45 seconds … or less)

It was a good feeling to walk out of the gym and know that I had done my workout for the day before heading to work. Once I remembered that part, the getting up early didn’t seem half bad. I might have to try it again a few more times this week!

We re-fueled at home with one of Husband’s famous egg dishes for some protein and spice:

Happy early morning workout!

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