Bring on the REMIX

With leftovers from the quinoa, mushroom/black bean chili AND deconstructed lasagna – it was time to remix it up. Husband graciously stopped by the grocery store on the way home (I was out of Chobani, but he brought home so much more!). I ended up using some items we had leftover from previous dishes, however. Brussels sprouts and purple potatoes! I tossed them in a bowl with some sea salt, pepper and olive oil:

I threw them into a pan that went into the oven at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes, which made them nice and crispy!

These beauties were placed on top of the quinoa/mushroom/black bean mixture for a happy and healthy din-din!

I also added a little bit of horseradish to mine from some extra kick!

Penny agreed that it smelled and looked delicious:

One thought on “Bring on the REMIX

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