Running, You Stink!

In order to incorporate Point #1 from the Fat Burning tips I found in Women’s Health Magazine. I spent about 35 quality minutes with my good frenemy, the treadmill at 6am. It felt good and productive, BUT I have a few small complaints:

1. This is going to be a time-consuming project. If I do this four times a week, I’m afraid it’s going to cut in to my other workout priorities, like weights, other forms of cardio, etc.

2. It’s hard.

3. It makes me SO HUNGRY! As my SIL, Kristyn, pointed out, that’s great because it means it’s working on what it’s supposed to be, and my metabolism is a-go-going, but it ALSO means that my tummy has been making this grumbly noise all morning. I know from previous weight loss stints that this is an impermanent condition, but it’s something I haven’t dealt with in a while, and I was slightly annoyed by that constant hungry presence. SO – thus far, I have attempted to appease it with the following:

Some protein (Point #2 from the Magazine!) from Husband’s morning egg dish:

He served pickles with VERY hot spices on top of them as a side dish to the mushroom and egg combo. He bought pickles instead of cucumbers because he was displeased with the appearance of the cukes at the store.

I consumed my usual mid-morning Chobani (Husband got me some Pomegranate – my FAVE!)

For lunch, I took down this monster handily:

It was a bed of quinoa, with a ton of toppings, including: deconstructed lasagna, pickles, red peppers and leftover Brussels Sprouts and Purple Potatoes.

An officemate brought in a cookie cake, which is definitely one of my weaknesses. To distract myself, I had a bowl of Apples and Cinnamon-flavored Quaker Instant Oatmeal as an afternoon snack, plus one Dark Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup (I still have Halloween candy stashed in my desk, and YES it is still good!)

I have a feeling dinner will need a LOT of veggies in attempt to satiate myself without breaking the calorie bank.

2 thoughts on “Running, You Stink!

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