Beer and Blackhawks

We met up with a couple of friends to cheer on the Blackhawks (even though they have NOT been playing well this season!) and a halfway meeting point was a Buffalo Wild Wings:

Husband had been talking ALL DAY LONG about getting some nachos. But when it came right down to it, we made a bit more of a responsible decision with chips and salsa, sans cheese:

We also started with a couple of beers, chosen carefully from their MASSIVE selection. Husband chose one of our favorites, the Noble Pills brew from Sam Adams:

I chose to try somethings new, Goose Island’s Mild Winter:

Unfortunately, I was remiss with my camera once the food arrived (I was pretty hungry, so scarfing was involved), but I got my usual here: Naked Tenders with Spicy Garlic dipping sauce. Yum yum! The sauce was hotter than I remembered from the last time I had it, but so good. The Blackhawks lost in a riveting shootout, but the food was definitely a success. 🙂


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