Cheapo Wine Contest Continues

When last we convened, we were taste testing all the Yellow Tail wines to decide which varietal was worthy when spending approximately five dollars or so on a wine for the evening (or the morning – no judgment!). So far, we have tried both the Pinot Noir and the Shiraz, with the Pinot Noir coming in as the absolute winner.

This time around, we are introduced to a new contestant:

When we visited Napa late last year, we realized what a beautiful Sauvignon Blanc should taste like, and it quickly became one of my all time favorite stand-by’s. So I had high hopes for this choice. As evidenced by the above photo, we used natural elements to chill this wine, which perhaps isn’t the most scientific method to make sure the wine arrives at the proper temperature, but it’s definitely a good example of using natural resources!

The wine had a pleasant, although not strong aroma. Notes of grapefruit and kiwi swirled around amongst a “woodsy” background. The first taste, was, like the rest of the Yellow Tail wines we’ve tried, a bit diluted. Most of my experience with high brow Sauvignon Blancs have a very distinct, abrasive (in a good way), sharp taste. This brand did not have that element. It didn’t taste watery, at least. There was an overwhelming citrus presence, and like a Sauv Blanc should be, it was refreshing! My favorite part about this varietal is that even if it is the dead of winter, I still love this chilly refresher as much as I do on a hot day!

Generally speaking, this wine is just as good, if not better served young (as in, it doesn’t need to age like a Cabernet, etc.), so this could definitely be a factor in why the “cheaper” version tastes almost as satisfying as its more respectable companions.

I am notoriously bad at drinking wine while I eat. I am trying to get better about pairing, as I KNOW that this enhances the taste of both the food and the wine, but I love wine so much on its own, I often fail to incorporate the second factor. Luckily, this wine is enjoyed just fine on its own – it’s not too overwhelming or strong in taste, so it makes a good prelude to any snack or meal! It has now moved to first place (in my estimation) in the Yellow Tail contest. Husband still maintains that Pinot Noir is first for him, and so the contest forages on…

3 thoughts on “Cheapo Wine Contest Continues

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