Self Restraint? Or Just Too Slow?

Our office often orders pizza on Fridays. It’s a very nice treat, but for someone who is attempting to give up cheese and stay on track with a relatively healthy eating style (who also, unfortunately sits RIGHT NEXT to the kitchen), it’s quite a temptation! Two factors played in my favor, however.

1. I planned ahead and brought a delicious lunch that I was very excited to eat. Not only that, but when the pizza arrived, I wasn’t even hungry yet, thanks to my protein-filled breakfast!

2. I was on a conference call when the pizza arrived, and my c0-workers made VERY quick work of the stack of pizzas:

So either I showed great self restraint or I just wasn’t ambitious enough about the pizza. It wasn’t really my favorite brand, anyway. I’m a big fan of Lou Malnati’s and Nero’s (as shown here), so I try to save my indulgences for the kind I get REALLY excited about.

My lunch was a wrap up of some leftovers – I combined leftover lasagna noodles, quinoa and some turkey meat (for extra protein!)

Unfortunately, as I opened it, I realized that there were NO VEGGIES in it. With no veggies in my breakfast oatmeal and no veggies at lunch, I know I will be craving them later …

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