Two wonderful salads have made great lunch fodder so far this week. One was purchased from Panera (our boss bought lunch for the whole office):

It’s their new Thai Chicken Chopped Salad. It is spicy and satisfying. Especially because I enjoyed mine as part of the “You Pick Two” – along with some Garden Veggie Soup. It features spicy peanut sauce and fire roasted Edamame. I highly recommend giving it a try.

The other salad was made by moi:

It was an “everything but the kitchen sink” concept. We had some leftover quinoa, carrots, pickles and red peppers. I threw them all, along with the last of our turkey deli meat into a container. I also threw a bit of hummus in there for extra flavor. I was reminded, as I chowed down on this salad – I HATE raw carrots. I eat them because they are good for you and an easily transported snack. I don’t mind them if they are a vessel for hummus or peanut butter … but plain and raw – blech! I enjoyed the salad anyway, but it definitely could have benefited from some salsa flavor.

Happy lunching!

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