My 100th Post!

Yes, this is my 100th post on this blog. Quite an accomplishment for someone who has never been able to routinely post to a blog before šŸ™‚ Hopefully you all believe me and no one is clicking back in the blog to count (not because I’m lying, just because that would take a long time and probably cause a lot of frustration). I don’t really have anything special planned for this momentous occasion. In the spirit of this blog, I’ll discuss my (disappointing) workout and (rewarding) dinner for today.

I went to the gym ready to make good on some of my “resolutions” from Fat Burning posts past. I was planning to lift weights (quickly and first in my workout routine) and then spend some quality time running. Unfortunately, a myriad of roadblocks (excuses?) awaited me.

1. I had no Bobby Pins. My bangs hung stubbornly in my face, annoying and distracting me.

2. My eating and hydration schedule was off. I felt a bit over-caffeinated and a tad woozy.

3. My gym lock was missing! I dumped everything out of my bag, and nothing. Because of this, I had to stick to exercises that allowed me to stay close to the door of the women’s locker room and make sure that no one walked out with my whole gym bag and all my belongings. The end result was a workout that looked very similar to this one that I did the other day. It’s not that it was a BAD workout necessarily. It just wasn’t what I planned and I was semi-distracted.

My dinner, however, was AWESOME:

A little tuna…

And plenty of AVOCADO…

made for this!

I mixed some tuna and hummus – sliced up some avocado and toasted some bread. Voila! It was just the thing to hit the spot.

Now I am left with the eternal question: Do I want one of the remaining Reese’s hearts? Usually I am not big on candy, and sometimes when I START eating it … I awaken the monster and want it all the time. I’m in the latter mode right now. Do I indulge or do I resist!?!

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