Penny’s Birthday Party

Penny is a Valentine’s Baby. She turns three this year (21 in dog years) so we knew we needed to celebrate her as a very important part of our family! As her mom, it fell to me to pick out some appropriate gifts for her:

She was immediately intrigued and began investigating as soon as I set the bag on the ground:

Although she gave every item in the bag a thorough nosing, the first item she opted to pull out and begin to munch was a “Big Bite.”

She made short work of this giant treat, and moved on to the other snacks in the bag, including an assortment of rawhides, treats and a stuffed squirrel. She managed a personal best, destroying the squirrel (feet first of course) in less than five minutes. We were all appropriately impressed. Luckily, despite all of her excitement and treats, she wasn’t too full to enjoy the special supplement to her dinner that my mom provided her with:

She received her normal helping of Kibbles and Bits, with some Roast Beef and Jus on top. She was eternally grateful. I think she counted her birthday as a pretty decent success.


4 thoughts on “Penny’s Birthday Party

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