Valentine’s Day Part One

As part of Penny’s birthday celebration and in anticipation of Valentine’s Day (not to mention the fact that Husband FINALLY got a Sunday evening off work!), my parents invited us over for dinner a feast. And boy was it. Husband and I did our part by bringing some vino:

We picked it up at Trader Joe’s after Husband taste-tested it and diagnosed it “delicious.” It was perfect for the not too chilly, but not warm enough to anticipate spring weather we were having. It also complemented our dinner nicely! My mom STILL can’t get into red wine, though, so she enjoyed some white:

They prepped a beautiful rainbow of ingredients for a “salad bar.”

Peppers, radishes and celery.

Beets! One of my faves.

Red tomatoes in honor of the holiday.

There were more ingredients as well – my salad bowl ended up looking like this:

I definitely partook in the avocados and a bit of Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing.

Other components to the meal included twice baked potatoes with broccoli and garlic:

Savory bread pudding that I am trying to get the recipe for:

And the main (beefy) event!

It was all very delicious and filling. For dessert, we enjoyed a hearty helping of “Despicable Me,” as I bought it for my mom as part of her Valentine’s Day gift. Assemble the Minions!

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