Chobani Converts

Greek Yogurt has been a hot topic of discussion in my office recently. Somehow, I got the rep as the “spokesperson” for the brand, and since, people have been offering me their leftover Chobani (from someone who prefers Oikos) and people have been sharing their first time experiences with the product with me. I love it (being the Chobani rep and actually eating it too!)

I know a lot of people can’t get into Greek Yogurt because it’s too thick or it tastes funny, etc. I have to say, the first time I tried it, it was NOT instantaneously my new favorite snack. But, I’m pretty good at making myself like certain foods (except raw carrots!) and I have just grown to love the stuff. I especially like to mix it with other tasty things and develop new combos. The most recent success was my own strawberry-banana combination:

I really love the texture of bananas in Greek Yogurt, but this taste combination was quite a winner too. Bananas are great, since I have kicked up my running time on the treadmill. They keep my legs from cramping up, as they are prone to do! If only I had remembered some of my homemade granola to sprinkle on top as well … or maybe some flax seed!!! Next time.


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