Just when you feel like giving up…

I did NOT want to go to the gym today. That is a huge part of the reason why I go to the gym in the morning. When I go that early, I’m in and out practically before I’m fully awake, and I’m definitely dressed and in the car before I have time to second guess my decision to go. After work, I’ve had all day to consider the option of going or not. Additionally, after a long day of work (especially in the winter when it gets dark so early), I have usually lost most of my motivation by 5pm. I whine and complained all the way to the gym. I couldn’t find a parking space when I got there. Blah, blah, blah. But I forged ahead and went in. I was definitely NOT sorry!

It was, as expected, extremely crowded. I managed to squeeze into a small slot in the front studio to do the workout I had previously written out. I did a mini leg-circuit:

-3 sets of 12 squats on the Bosu ball with a 6 pound medicine ball
-3 sets of 15 side lunges with a 6 pound medicine ball
-3 sets of planks (front, sides and mountain climbers with the stability ball)

After all this, my legs felt rubbery and I was very sweaty. And yet, I moved on to my good partner, the treadmill. I spent 35 of the sweatiest minutes of my life, sprinting, running, walking uphill, the works. I really felt like giving up and getting off around minute 27, so that’s when I turned up the incline to about 6% and cranked up the speed to 6.8. I promised myself I would make it through one minute like this and ended up pushing through 90 seconds. I just kept thinking of my days on the soccer team when our coaches would tell us that when you don’t feel like pushing anymore, that’s the time to turn up the gas. I felt like throwing up, and it was glorious.

After a bit of recovery and a well-deserved shower, I put this masterpiece together for myself for dinner:

I started with a bed of spinach, added plenty o’ chick peas and mushrooms. I utilized the last of the avocado from last night’s dinner and crumbles from a potato dish Husband made on Valentine’s Day (this post is coming, I swear!). I threw in some raspberries for some color and sweetness and drizzled just a BIT of olive oil on top. Delicious.

2 thoughts on “Just when you feel like giving up…

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