Valentine’s Day, The Main Event

While Husband and I definitely enjoy going out to dinner, for this Valentine’s Day, Husband insisted that he wanted to make dinner. He kept everything a total secret, and even had me come home from work a little later than usual (luckily I got stuck in some major traffic!) so that he can coordinate everything. The result was unbelievable. I started off the romantic day, however, waking up to the this lovely sight:

He MADE them! I love them so much. They look just as beautiful, last longer, came from the heart, and best of all – he didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg on them! We’re married. It’s my money too 🙂

We also exchanged gifts. I got him tons and tons ‘o candy (including the Reese’s hearts – I LOVE the holiday editions because they always have way more peanut butter in them). I also got him a slim wallet because lately he has been putting his credit cards and ID in his pocket, where they can get … lost. I filled it with a wallet-sized photo of us from the wedding and an iTunes gift card for him to fill up his iPad with apps!

I also got him the first “husband” card in honor of our first married Valentine’s Day:

As if the handmade flowers weren’t enough, he surprised me with something even sweeter. Leading up to our wedding, we had agreed to write our own vows. We spent quite a while writing and perfecting them, but then, the week leading up to the Big Day … for a variety of reasons – we decided not to go through with it. We spoke traditional vows at the ceremony, but the original vows were already written! I had kind of forgotten about all of this, until Husband set my gift down in front of me:

He typed his vows up and framed them. Himself. He matted them and created this whole spectacular presentation. And I’m floored. Again, as if this weren’t enough, then … there was the main event – dinner!

Obviously I wasn’t allowed in the kitchen, but hopefully the below photos will give you a good idea of our meal:

Beautiful presentation:

We started with the wine and cheese (the bottle of Estancia Pinot Noir was actually a bridal shower gift from my mother – she gave us a wine bottle cooler filled with bottles for future occasions (first Christmas as a married couple, first New Year’s, etc.)

Then we enjoyed a Valentine’s Day staple:

Oysters! I like mine with a bit of lemon and Tabasco Sauce.

Knowing my love for potatoes, he made an entire course out of them, including Spinach, Garlic and a Rouille (which he wouldn’t tell me the ingredients of because he said it was “unhealthy”).

The hardworking chef took a little bit of a break before the main event. Penny scrounged for scraps:

It’s a little blurry, but it was so cute, I couldn’t resist using it. She’s hard to photograph with all her wiggling around!

Finally, it was time for the main course:

LAMB! Ironically, I had been talking the night before about how much I love this dish … but we hardly ever have it. It was perfectly cooked and utterly delightful.

We were both stuffed, but after a little bit of time to digest, he brought out dessert:

Lemon Creme Brulee with a Raspberry Sauce Topping! Absolutely unreal.

After all of our festivities, we were all a little sleepy – we moved our early morning workout for the next day to the afternoon. Especially Penny. She was sacked:


7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day, The Main Event

  1. Ok – it was all wonderful. I’m not sure what I love the most. Maybe this order 1. The roses (really cool)! 2. Those lamb chops look pretty damn good. 3. You remembered to drink my wine! 4. I’m very impressed with that dessert. 5. That doggie is SO cute. I just wuv her! PS Cute husband, too. Looks very good in an apron and is that his stylus clipped to his apron? Love was definitely in the air!

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