Fat Burning Check-In

So far, we’ve gone over four tips that Women’s Health Magazine recommends for more fat burning:

1. Eat more protein: Check! With the addition of protein powder into some of my previously protein-light breakfasts (oatmeal, smoothies) plus a mid-morning Greek Yogurt, I’m getting much more protein in the early hours of the day than I was before.

2. Run more: Check! While I still haven’t managed to hit my goal of two hours a week, I have significantly increased my time on the treadmill. Starting with this one goal of just spending more minutes running has spurred the creation of other running goals. I want to increase my speed and endurance. Right now I am doing a pathetic three miles in about 35-40 minutes (although at LEAST these include sprints and steep incline intervals as well). My first goal is to get my first mile in under 10 minutes. I know that for people that run more and actually (shudder) like it … this seems silly and easy. Well it’s hard for me, so BACK OFF! (Sorry, Billy Madison moment … over). The first week, I logged about an hour on the treadmill, and this week I was up to an hour and fifteen minutes. I also managed to do weight lifting and other cardio (my quads are VERY angry with me at the moment), so I would consider that a successful start to a new habit. I WOULD like to eventually be able to run a 5k, so that is another integrated goal of mine for running. My running and former soccer buddy, Meg presented me with the suggestion of using one of these training programs. So I just might do that!

3. Lift weights first and do it fast: I’ve been trying to do this one as well. There’s always the temptation to hit autopilot and head for cardio first while I “think” about what strength training I want to do, but I have been trying to write my workouts down ahead of time on a slip of paper to keep myself on track. I will say, that goals #2 and #3 are difficult to combine since the last thing I want to do after finishing a set of squats and lunges is hop on the treadmill with gummy bear legs and run.

4. Graze! Check and check. I hate eating big meals, so I have always and will probably never stop spreading my eating out over a whole day 🙂

A couple new ones to bring into the mix:

Tip #5: Let Kettlebells Ring: Not only does working out with kettlebells build muscle, but doing it for 20 minutes burns as many calories as running at a 6-minute-mile pace for the same amount of time.

Wow! I have got to get me some of these magic beans! I will make it a goal within the next week to find a beginner’s kettlebell workout and purchase a set, because unfortunately, my gym does not have these available. More adventures in fitness – I love it!

Tip #6: Stay above 1,200 Calories: This is something I definitely do now that I didn’t understand the benefit of previously. When I was attempting to lose weight a couple of years ago, I thought that the fewer calories consumed, the better, right? Wrong. Apparently it messes with your metabolism! Not cool. I used to track my calorie consumption with Spark People.  I no longer really keep THAT close a watch on it, it’s more of a mental survey, but I know I need to stay above that 1,200 minimum!

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