Crispy Chicken and Blackened Carrots

As has become a lovely Sunday night tradition, Husband and I spent the dinner hour with my parents. We were both exhausted from our Wisconsin “ski trip,” so we were happy to rest and watch The Social Network, not cook and enjoy the energetic endeavors of my mom and dad (thanks, guys!) What they prepared was delicious:

This crispy chicken was created with those fried onion straw type deals crunched up on top. I was reprimanded for taking some of mine off, but the chicken tasted SO good and was cooked so well, I didn’t want to overwhelm every bite!

We also had the necessary quota of veggies:

My obsession: potatoes.

Peas with Sauteed Mushrooms

Blackened Carrots

Apparently the carrots WEREN’T supposed to be blackened, but I guess no one minded – these babies were the first to go! Well done! (Pun intended).

I will definitely be re-creating the peas and mushrooms combo – so delicious!

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