Back on Track!

After a weekend of slight indulgence, I resolved that today, I would be the picture of clean eating. I started the day out with a workout to get me on track. Following some of my fat burning tips, I started with quick, consecutive strength training:

-3 sets of 10 pullups
-3 sets of 10 tricep dips
-3 sets of 10 row push
-3 sets of 10 row pull

Then I rushed over to the treadmill and logged 30 minutes, a great start for my week!

When I got home, after nearly slipping in the icy parking lot and killing myself, I knew that a warm and filling breakfast was in order. I mixed oatmeal and frozen peaches and strawberries:

I added Muscle Milk protein powder and flax seeds:

It got me going, wide awake and bright eyed. Penny did not agree:

I kept the good eating vibes going with a healthy mid-morning snack (one I had never tried before!)

We picked these up at Trader Joe’s – and I am a huge fan! I had the Peanut Toffee Buzz flavor, and it really did the trick. We had run out of my beloved Chobani, and I needed a snack at work 🙂 This hit the spot.

Fast forwarding to dinner, I definitely had a MAJOR craving for simplicity and … fish! Husband happily obliged with this outstanding dish:

Baked Sea Bass with Parsnips and Squash. It was perfect and filling and healthy! I love getting back on track. We celebrated a day of clean eating with a little bit of wine:

Three buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s! It complimented the fish beautifully.

Cheers to manic Mondays that put us all back in our place. Another one under my belt.

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