Through wind and rain and snow!

We were like mail carriers this morning – no weather could have stopped us from hitting up the gym. In truth, it really wasn’t that much snow, but I was still proud that we managed to not use it as an excuse and trudge to work out anyway! I created my workout last night using SELF Magazine‘s link to Minka Kelly’s workout. I ended up making a few modifications, however, because when I started this morning, I had a pretty good sized knot in my right quad that stubbornly wouldn’t let me be! The end result looked like this:

-3 sets of 12 Big Dippers with 8 pound weights (they are a sort of lunge where you cross one leg behind the other)
– 3 sets of 12 Ballsy Bicycles with a 6 pound medicine ball (When reading through my planned workout last night, Husband remarked that it was an interesting tactic to get people to work out by using “cutesy” names for the exercises!)
-3 sets of 12 squats on the Bosu Ball with 8 pound weights
-3 sets of 10 Single Leg Lunges with a 10 pound weight
-20 minutes on the Arc Trainer

I had planned to hit up the treadmill again today, but considering the pain in my quad and generally how weak my legs were feeling, I opted out. Instead of taking the day completely off tomorrow, I will return to the gym to do the interval workout outlined my Minka Kelly. It will be awesome! 🙂

After our sweat-session, we re-fueled with our fave – eggs!

We added some color and extra nutritional value with tomatoes and avocados. Yum!

Also, for my mid-morning snack, my best friend CHOBANI is back in my life!

Today I will be re-mixing one of my fave flaves with some homemade granola for a bit of texture and saltiness to contrast with the sweet! Love this stuff.

Everyone stay safe and warm in the continuing winter weather.

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