I like to think that everyone has triggers. It makes me feel less guilty about mine. For me, triggers are something that once I start to eat them – there’s little to no chance that I will stop. A recent example of this includes my obsession with the use of shredded cheese. Some of my other triggers, however, are even worse. When I was initially trying to lose weight, and even now, I have to be very careful about consuming these foods, because I’m often not to be trusted in their presence. The top five are as follows (in no particular order):

1. M&M’s: Plain, Peanut, Pretzel, Peanut Butter, Mint, etc … I’m not to be trusted around a supply of these colorful candies. It starts innocently enough with a handful here or there, but it never ends well – usually with me tipping the bag back to make sure I’ve gotten every chocolate-shell covered morsel.

2. Potatoes: Again, the form is unimportant. Baked, fried, hashed, mashed, tots or chips … I am in LOVE with potatoes and will eat them any time of day or night, whether I’m hungry or not (another sign that a food is a trigger). They go with everything and there is a form available at every meal. I frequently ask for home fries or hash browns to be replaced by fruit at a breakfast joint simply because I don’t trust myself around these suckers.

3. Pizza. I am a little more particular about this. If it’s bad pizza, I simply won’t waste the calories. But if it’s one of my favorites (case in point here), I won’t stop until all the slices are gone. Lou Malnati’s, Nero’s, Homerun Inn … all great examples of my weaknesses. I love olives, mushrooms, tomatoes, extra cheese – yum! I rarely allow myself to have it though, because of this fact. Most of the time when we order it to the office, I close the door and ignore it.

4. White Russians. Husband made one of these for me a few years back, and I was hooked. I was drinking at least one a day, until I realized that most of them ran more than 300 calories a pop. The problem is – you have one of these guys and they are just SO good! You only want one more. Which is why I don’t drink them anymore. Period. I don’t trust myself.

5. Avocado’s. These are one trigger, I don’t stop myself from consuming, and try not to feel guilty about eating. Make no mistake – these are VERY high in calories, BUT they have excellent nutritional value, including the “good fat” which means great skin, great hair, nice nails, etc. I eat these babies in every form possible, and try not to stop until they’re gone. Yum-o!

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