My First Oats in a Jar!

This morning, I had my treadmill workout from Minka Kelly on my mind that I promised yesterday. But first, I remembered one of my fat burning tips, which tells me to lift weights first for ultimate affect! So I got that dirty business out of the way:

-3 sets of 10 modified pull-ups
-3 sets of 12 bent-over one-arm row with a 15 pound weight
-3 sets of one-arm reverse cable fly with 20 pounds of weight

(You may find that arm workout here at Shape Magazine’s website)

Arms limp at my sides, I faced the moving sidewalk to hit up an interval routine I thought I could handle (found here). I only repeated the cycle 3 times because of time constraints, and also because – it was TOUGH! Building up was usually fine until I got to the 7.5 and 8 intervals, which totally intimidate me and make me want to give up. I stuck with it pretty good, but being better at chasing the pain and not allowing myself to feel overwhelmed in these situations is definitely something I need to work on. Interestingly, the music that’s playing on my iPod has a significant effect on this factor in my work outs. I am working on a new playlist now 🙂

When I got home, I DEFINITELY needed some breakfast in a “Jif-y” (that’s my “punn”y way of telling you that my meal incorporated peanut butter. But not just any peanut butter. I made my first overnight oats in a jar!!! I have been reading about these on foodie blogs, but never tried it at home. I took my inspiration from this blog, but it seems like the rules are pretty flexible. In my jar, I combined oats, Almond Milk, Muscle Milk and Flax Seeds with my leftover peanut butter.

And since it came in such an attractive and familiar container:

Holy Grail of Peanut Butter

SOME were more interested in it than they usually are at breakfast-time.

who stole the pb from the pb jar?

Luckily for her (and me too, I suppose) – I was done eating it at this point. I’m hoping that this new concoction will keep me full and focused at work, while staving off any wayward cravings during “Bagel Day.” Every Thursday, someone in our office graciously picks up bagels for everyone and it’s a big party. As I have previously mentioned, I sit next to the kitchen, so the smell of bagels toasting is sometimes VERY tempting. Not that bagels are all that bad for you. I just don’t get full when I eat them, so I eat too much of them! Also, I have a bad habit of using too much cream cheese if I have a vehicle for it, so most of the time I just stay away! Occasionally I will participate in Bagel Day, but not today!


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