Monthly Workout Playlists

For Valentine’s Day last year, my wonderful husband purchased me an item which I use ALL THE TIME. Perhaps more than any other item in my possession. A hot pink iPod shuffle. I love how small it is, and the fact that I can clip it to the waistband of my gym shorts and just let the playlist work its magic. I used to lug my fatty iPod to the gym with me and that was a nightmare. I actually prefer not having to choose an artist or a playlist and just have the constant “shuffle” option. As such, every month, I try to mix it up by adding some new tunes into the mix. I go on a hunt, through magazines, websites, blogs to find new suggestions for workout music. I ask family and friends to come up with ideas. Sometimes I get some winners and sometimes there are the songs that don’t work out as well that I end up skipping through every time they come up. From last month to this month, here are some songs that just didn’t cut the mustard (by the way, I’ve never understood that saying, though I LOVE it – anyone know where it comes from?)

-Hunted Down by Soundgarden: I love this song, and even as I listen to it now, it sounds like it SHOULD be a good workout song. And yet, it got flipped every time it came up.
-Head Creeps by Alice in Chains: in the right context (more weight lifting than running) this song is perfect. But it just takes too long to get going!
-Feel Good, Inc. by Gorillaz: Again, awesome song. Just not heart pounding enough to keep up on the treadmill.

On the flip side, here are some songs that kept me movin’ and shakin’ and were repeated on next month’s playlist:

-Dead End Friends by Them Crooked Vultures: This song has a great beat for running and since I love this band anyway, I ALWAYS welcome its presence in my mix.
-Gloria by Laura Branigan: Bring it back to the 80’s again, kids! This decade totally pumps me up and this is one of my absolutely favorites.
-Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars: I’ve mentioned this one in the past – it was a recommendation from my sister, and I just couldn’t love it more. It’s kept me going on multiple occasions when I felt like giving up, and that is the mark of a truly motivational tune.

Some top tunes from my workout play list in February 2010:

-Black or White performed by Adam Lambert
-It’s Gotta Be You by the Backstreet Boys
-California Gurls by Katy Perry (fun fact – this hasn’t left my playlist SINCE it was added! I don’t get sick of it and it always makes me happy and gets me moving)

I made a new playlist last night, so I’m not sure if it counts toward February or March, but we’ll see!

4 thoughts on “Monthly Workout Playlists

    • Thanks! I know, I know, the BSB isn’t for everyone, but boy bands have a poppy beat that I find strangely easy to develop a running rhythm to…

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