Resurgence of the Wine!

So Dan pointed out to me today that lately my blog has been very food focused, but there hasn’t been enough wine or workout! He hadn’t read my blog this morning about my awesome workout, but he’s definitely right about the wine portion. Tonight was the only night this week that we were both home, so we decided that wine and making dinner sounded perfect. I headed to Trader Joe’s to pick up some wine and walked out with some GEMS. The first being what I came for:

This was one of the pricier wines at Trader Joe’s (meaning, it didn’t cost three bucks 🙂 ) – it’s a little rough coming out of the bottle – it definitely benefits from sitting a bit once poured.

It’s got bitter, chocolate-y tones underneath it all, but the top layer (of cake – ha!) has berries: blackberry, blueberry, strawberry. There is a hint of a nutty taste (maybe sugared pecans?) The picture on the label is right on- it’s very heavy and dark, with a dessert-feel. The overall taste is pretty good (I have yet to meet a wine I wouldn’t drink – so I’m not super picky). We have come to the consensus that we would purchase this wine again, but we would decant it and let it breathe a bit more.

On to the food! While I was at Trader Joe’s, I made another very important purchase:

Dan popped them in the rice cooker (which I did NOT know we could do!) There is a heated competition going on for my favorite wedding gift: the Crock Pot or the Rice Cooker. Although our silverware is very nice also …


and I set to work sautee’ing some veggies to go along with our “pot stickers.”

After the picture was snapped, I also added some Brussels Sprouts for some green color and just all around tastiness.

Once everything was done, we “plated” everything, making a beautiful, well-balanced meal:

The good bad good bad good bad AWESOME element missing from the above picture is the soy sauce I used to decorate the plates right after I snapped the picture. I may have used a little too much, but what can I say? I’m a soy sauce fiend.

Tonight, wine. Tomorrow, workout!

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