Monday Madness

This week is going to be insane! I am traveling for business tomorrow, The Maid Brigade is headed to our place this morning (which means we had to clean before they got there) AND it’s Dan’s BIRTHDAY WEEK! We are leaving on Friday morning for a trip to Saint Louis Mardi Gras, so as you can see, this week is stacking up to be pretty busy!

We got an equally crazy workout out of the way this morning to get the work week started out right: I had written out my workout, and even drawn a little diagram of one of the moves I wasn’t sure I’d remember how to do (I don’t have it with me, so I will post it later!). My routine included:

-5 sets of 12 squats on the Bosu ball with 8 pound weights (I also pulsed for 12 counts on the last rep to really feel the burn!)
-5 sets of “3-Way Pulse on Ball” which I got from Bob Harper’s Bikini Workout in SHAPE Magazine
-20 minutes on the stair stepper at 70 steps per minute

It was both invigorating and sweaty! When we got home, we had to rush around, putting last minute items away to get them out of the maids’ cleaning path. We were left with very little time for breakfast, so I ended up making a peanut butter and pumpkin sandwich on whole wheat toast to enjoy in the car on the way to work! Gotta love those breakfasts on the run.

And now off to a hectic day at work. Later – grocery shopping? Stay tuned.

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