Birthday Week Begins!

I am a big believer in birthday celebrations. Whether it’s mine or someone else’s, I love to commemorate the day people were born. I think it stems from the fact that when I was younger, my mom always made our big days so special. My mom herself, on the other hand, likes to celebrate her birthday for as long as possible. In fact, if she happens to be looking at the clock when it turns 12:06 (her birthday is December 6th), she gets very excited and asks other people to celebrate the moment. Here I am later in life, ready to celebrate Dan’s birthday, the first I’m spending with my husband. I am determined to make it a noteworthy event. We decided to spend the first night of birthday week eating one of our all-time favorite foods: SUSHI! We meandered down to the take-out place down the street to pick up a few goodies. I decided to treat it like we were in a restaurant, even though we brought it home. We started with a course of Edamame, and followed it with some amazing rolls. Some basic (but still my very favorite – Spicy Tuna!)

And then we moved on to the more adventurous rolls. One was called the Sears Tower (apparently they don’t know that it was changed over to the Willis Tower):

The final roll was called the “Sunshine Roll.” No idea why, but it sure was good!

The citrus on top was unexpected and refreshing – I didn’t THINK I was going to like it, but low and behold: I did.

Needless to say, with all our food, we had plenty of leftovers. Dan will take some for lunch tomorrow (I would, but I will be traveling for work), and we might STILL have some leftover for dinner as well!

We paired all of this with special occasion wine from Napa:

More about this bottle of wine and our experience with the winery later.

Happy first night of birthday week!

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