Super Tough Workout Mods

So, last night, Dan and I negotiated. He had to be at work early – I wanted him to accompany me to the gym anyway. We drew up the following terms:

1. We would get up EXACTLY when our alarms went off at 5:30am, instead of snoozing to 5:45, as we are sometimes wont to do.

2. I would sleep in my workout clothes, so that I was basically ready to walk out the door upon getting out of bed.

3. We would make our lunches at night, saving precious minutes in the morning.

4. I would handle the morning walk of Penny, a task usually left to Dan, in order to allow him extra time to get ready:

Who me? It's a PRIVILEGE to walk me!

Success! Our plan worked like a charm, and Dan was out of the door with plenty of time to spare. (Of course, it helped that he did a superfast Crossfit workout today, so he was done well before me.) How do you like that for planning? I also hunted down a workout last night and wrote it down to save even more time at the gym. I chose excerpts from this Women’s Health Magazine Super Tough Workout. My variation looked like this:

-3 sets of 10 Front Squat and Push-Press Combo’s with ten pound dumbbells
-3 sets of 10 Dumbbell Rows with ten pound dumbbells (interestingly, I was going to do One-Point Dumbbell Rows, but even though I wrote down the name, I forgot what it entailed!)
-3 sets of 10 Tricep Extensions with ten pound dumbbells
-3 sets of 10 Single Dumbbell Overhead Squats with a five and ten pound dumbbell
-3 sets of 5 T-Pushups
-3 sets of 10 pushups on the Stability Ball
**Sidenote, I did attempt the Prone Jacknife first, only to find my arms were shaking too much to complete them.
-2 sets of 12 Mountain Climbers with the Stability Ball

After all of this rigmarole, I was much too pooped for the treadmill, so I hopped on my good friend, the Arc Trainer, and blasted out 25 minutes of that! Holy awesome workout, my arms are sore already.

Breakfast was also quick, but definitely hit the spot. Dan used leftovers from the fish tacos to make extra interesting eggs:

Hmmm....there's something FISHY about these eggs!

I also added in a special treat for myself – peanut butter and pumpkin toast!

pretty sure Penny took that bite of toast ...

It’s a combo I can’t get enough of, which I feel is ok, since it packs a serving of veggies early in the morning with the protein of peanut butter. Win…win.


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