Another Cheapo Wine Contestant

Today, we will be trying this:

The preface to this review is: I don’t generally love Rieslings. I often find that they are too sweet, which makes them an impractical drinking choice – I can’t have more than one glass before I’m on sweet-overload. I have found Rieslings that I like, however, so I know that they exist!

We always start with the smell. It wasn’t as fragrant as some of the other wines, or even as floral as some of the other Rieslings we’ve had. Husband commented that his first tasted drier than he thought it would, which was a plus for him because he likes dry wines! He found a lot of complexity and varied flavors in this wine – general berry and citrus fruit flavors. His overall impression was that he liked it and would drink it again. It wasn’t as sweet as some he’s had (a bonus) but it was diluted (as the other Yellow Tails have been), so he said he would actually prefer a sweeter wine that had more flavor. In terms of where it falls in the Yellow Tail taste contest that we’ve been running, this is his third favorite, beating out the Shiraz, but not as good as the Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir.

My opinion: My first taste caused an actual shudder at the sweetness. It tasted a bit sugary to me, but by the second sip, I had grown more acclimated and could focus a little more on the flavors in it. I taste a grapefruit and a little apple (which is pretty standard for a Riesling, I believe). As I let it sit a bit more, I enjoyed it more (or maybe that’s just how wine works – the more you have, the more you like it?) All in all, I think it was a decent wine, but I don’t believe a Riesling is the varietal to cheap out…if you’re going to have a less expensive white, I’d much prefer the Sauvignon Blanc. That remains my front-runner in this Yellow Tail contest.

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