Birthday Madness

So today is D-Day. Dan’s ACTUAL birthday. So all the festivities previously have been in anticipation of this day. Here is a highlight reel.

We woke up early to workout . I gave Dan another birthday present – Ray-Ban sunglasses! He is always breaking and/or losing the cheapo glasses he gets at Target, so I figured he might take care of them if he had a pair he cared about. They look GOOD:

Jigga what?

We continued the celebrations at the gym. Personally, I was sacked from my workout yesterday, but figured I would log in some time on the treadmill, since I had been neglecting it all week. I ran/walked/inclined/sprinted for about 35 minutes. It was great, but boy was I tired when I finished. We grabbed protein shakes at the gym to re-fuel.

We both had VERY busy days at work today, which made them pass rather quickly. We scurried home to pack up the car for MARDI GRAS and sail down to have a celebratory birthday dinner with both of our parents at one of Dan’s favorite restaurants – Rock Bottom! Dan and his dad decided on our appetizers:

Nachos anyone?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand another cheesy delicious dish:

Spinach + Queso = looooooooooove

As we munched on our starters and chatted, Dan opened his lovely birthday gifts:

whose birthday is it?

It took the server several tries to take our order. The first few times he came over, we were busy gabbing and none of us had looked at the menu! Eventually, we ordered. The birthday boy got an “Any Time Burger” which looked like this:

Breakfast + Dinner = Brinner

It was a turkey burger with an egg and hash browns, served with fries. Um, YUM! He gobbled it up pretty quickly.

I also chose a burger-ish option:

is it a burger, or isn't it?!

It’s an Ahi Tuna Burger! I know, I know – we weren’t going to eat any more fish this week, but it just looked so darn good! I was not disappointed. It was cooked perfectly, and the wasabi mustard on top was the icing on the cake, so to speak. And speaking of which … Dan was given a lovely dessert in honor of the day of his birth:

Eat me!

Belgian Chocolate Cheesecake. It just looked rich and creamy – way too sweet for words. After a little arm twisting, Dan got me to try a bite. I was definitely not disappointed. It basically tasted like the flourless chocolate cake that I love so dearly.

Now we are spending the night at Dan’s parents house, and enjoying a few glasses of wine before we head to Saint Louis in the morning for our birthday weekend! We brought a friend along to help us celebrate:

boxed wine ain't what it used to be

It’s a Wine Cube! We are trying it based on a few friends’ recommendations; it’s not half bad. Wine + Reservoir Dogs = a great end to another wonderful birthday celebration.


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