The Fat Cat in the Hat

I loved Dr. Seuss when I was little. Heck! Who am I
kidding? I still love Dr. Seuss. Cat in the Hat def top definitely
ranked as one of my favorites, so I was more than willing to give
this like-named wine a shot: This libation,
however, did not live up to the expectations created by the name.
It was … fine. But it fell pretty flat. There’s really no point
in going on about it, but this is not a name I would look for or
purchase again. The saddest part of this deal was that I bought it
at a liquor store, which meant that the price was jacked up more
than it would have been in other venues. I’ve definitely learned
through the course of my wine drinking that higher prices do not
always correlate to better tasting wine. This was yet another
lesson in that vein. I think this may be the first negative review
I’ve posted of any wine on this blog, because normally any wine is
good wine in my book. But the price combined with the taste were
just too much this time. No way, Jose!

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