My arch nemisis

Well, not really. But – I DO have a really hard time
resisting this guy: At the end of the
day, there are worse addictions than a Diet Coke. On the other
hand, it does have crazy, fake sugar/sweeteners in it. Not only
that, but there’s an opportunity cost – the more DC I down, the
less water I’m taking in. It also has (a relatively small) amount
of caffeine – which isn’t so bad, but it means I shouldn’t have it
past 5pm or I risk not getting enough sleep! I also tend to crave
snacks that are not AS good when I drink it. For instance, this
afternoon, I could have had a clementine or an apple. And maybe if
there was a bottle of water on my desk, that’s what I would have
had. But instead …. Again, it’s not as
though these are the worst thing I could eat. HOWEVER, I think in
hindsight, the apple would have been the better choice for an
afternoon snack. Opportunity cost strikes again! I’m not sure why
I’m so drawn to this little devil. My mom has been addicted ever
since I’ve known her (addiction = at least five cans a day), so
perhaps that is part of it, but I just love these suckers. I’m
trying to rotate in more water and tea through my daily liquids
routine. Just another resolution por moi!


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