Typical rents dish

In honor of the fact that it’s Sunday, m normal parental
dinner day, I thought this post would be perfect even though I
don’t get to dine with them on this particular Sunday! I’m very
fortunate to live close to my parents. Most Sundays, while Dan is
at work, I head over to their house to do some laundry, catch up on
… whatever I feel like, and eat dinner with them! They are always
very creative with their dishes. Unless they find something that
works. We had a chicken dish not too long ago that
everyone just loved! We decided to re-create this main dish, along
with another crowd-pleaser, roasted veggies! My parents work very
well as a team: My dad dipped the
chicken in egg, and my mom was in charge of rolling it in the onion
crunchies: This time, I
selected the vegetables, since I had to take a trip to the grocery
store. I chose carrots, red potatoes and parsnips – an absolutely
winning combination, if you ask me. These are so easy – just
drizzle a bit of olive oil with salt and pepper, plus some Parmesan
if you are so inclined: This week, I opted
out of the crunchies. I felt it masked the flavor and tenderness of
the chicken, and I set a new standard with my seasoned, baked
chicken: Add a bit of
cranberry to the plate for color and nutrition, and everything
turned out deliciously, as usual: Penny especially
thought so: She tried sitting
at the table to get food, but it didn’t work. Someone whisked the
plate away before she got even a little lick. Maybe next


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