Merlot AND Cabernet all in one

Another contestant steps up in the Yellow Tail fight:


I’ll preface all the wine-y details by saying that it was Husband’s FAVORITE Yellow Tail! He really liked it a lot, so I’m just hoping I get a glass or two 🙂

It has a very velvety smell, with a bit of chocolate, or SOMETHING sweet. There is an undistinguished fruity smell, that opens up during the tasting to be a plum, blackberry mix. It was very full bodied for a less expensive Cab, and it wasn’t as dry as some more affordable Merlot brands can be. It was certainly drinkable, and while it wasn’t MY favorite, it’s  certainly something I can drink with him! It doesn’t really have any distinctive taste for me, but it’s VERY non-offensive. It’s very subtle and great for a freezing cold winter night. I could see that someone who doesn’t normally drink red wines might be able to approach this wine and ease themselves into red wine with it.

I will say that this is a bit more rare in terms of the Yellow Tail lineup – I have found it more difficult to get my hands on (though not impossible), so sometimes when I see it now, I will pick up a few extra bottles. It’s definitely Dan’s favorite so far, but I think mine STILL might be the Sauvignon Blanc, if you can believe it!


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