Road Trip!

This past weekend, we took a roadtrip to Saint Louis for the Mardi Gras celebration that has been known to rival New Orleans’ shenanigans. We would be hanging out with friends I went to college with, eating great food and sampling hurricanes.

The first thing we did to prepare for our weekend of indulgence was get a good sweat session in. We headed to the gym for a double gym date. The past two that we have done included Dan’s killer workout, and also my push to go to a Yoga class. It was Dan’s turn to create a workout, and we headed to the gym as he decided to come up with our moves off the cuff. It turned out pretty well!

We started with a modified “kettle bell” workout, which fulfills one of my Fat Burning goals. We took dumbbells (mine was 20 pounds) and swung them from down between our legs, up over our heads. We did an inverted pyramid of sets, starting with 20, than 18, 12, 10 and finally 9.

We moved on to leg throws and followed a similar progression of sets and repetitions as we had established on the kettle bell throws.  These KILLED my abs, especially the upper abs, a very deep-seeded pain.

We did several rounds of modified pull ups, with the bar barely two feet from the ground (this makes it a LOT harder than when I leave the bar at about chest height!)

This was followed by shoulder presses with the bar (Dan added weight to his). These were fairly difficult for me, so I did fewer repetitions and more sets, so as to avoid injury, and hopefully squeeze more exercise in overall!

We finished up with a few rounds of plank exercises. I even gave Dan’s method a try, and attempted to do a plank with my feet on a medicine ball. I’m not quite there yet, but I will be someday 🙂

We finished with 15 minutes of cardio on our chosen apparatus, and since we were at a DIFFERENT gym today (by Dan’s parents’ house), I chose something we don’t have at our gym, a Cardio Wave! It works like you are speed skating and made me start sweating VERY quickly. Everyone in the gym was giving me weird looks while I used it, so I’m guessing not too many people have ventured into this new trend, but I love it. It’s definitely hard work, and gets my heart rate up.

This workout was a wonderful way to prepare ourselves for all the fun that lay ahead, but first we had to get there. To prepare for the trip. we packed a cooler full of healthy goodies to keep us occupied during our trek. I cut up cucumbers, green peppers and carrots, bringing some of our favorite hummus along to dip:

We also brought turkey sandwiches and a few crackers to tide us over and to count as our lunch while we were driving, but Dan and I ate those before we could snap photos. He’s a hungry driver:

Of course, at one of our pit stops on the road, we discovered that it has become the magical time of year when Reese’s brings out their EASTER EGGS! My love for Reese’s holiday shapes is infamous, so of course we had to buy a package of these lovable treats to enjoy along with all of our nutritious goodies.

More on what happened once we actually arrived at our destination for a future post …


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