I mentioned here that I would expand a bit more on our experience with the Arista wine. Well the time has come to pay the piper. You’re gonna hear about it!

The surprising thing I found out about this winery is that they actually don’t make wine from any grapes that grow on their land! They are a very new vineyward, so at this point, they take grapes from other people and make wine with it, while they wait for their grapes to be ready.

We got the royal treatment here as well, hitching a vineyard tour on their ATV:


The winery/vineyard was started by a couple, and the man giving us the tour (and driving the ATV) was one of their sons. He showed us all of their land, and explained some really interesting theories that their family has on mixing the different kinds of Pinot grapes to make new tasting wines:


BEAUTIFUL scenery!

We also drive by the grave of the first owner of the land that the vineyard is placed on. We can’t remember his name, but Dan swears he was famous in some way OTHER than this grave marker:


whose grave is this?

After our tour, we had the most scenic and beautiful tasting, accompanied by snacks that were prepared by a very talented chef. We sampled plenty of wine while we were there:

but also took in plenty of the surrounding sights:

So much of the beauty, however, came from the building where the tasting room is housed. It is inspired by a Japanese rock garden theme. It had marble opaque floors that transitioned seamlessly into the outside. The glass doors allowed for unobstructed views of nature all around:

We were so enamored by our experience at this winery that we (meaning Dan) ordered several bottles of wine as souvenirs.

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