Mardi Gras Weekend, part One

We ended our road trip and started our weekend at a place we knew Dan would love (since this trip WAS for his birthday!) Nicole and Raul (my friends that we were staying with) recommended The Stable, near their house. It was a brewery AND distillery!

There were pages upon pages of beer for Dan to choose from:

He was like a kid in a candy store:

After a couple of drinks, we were definitely ready for some dinner. Someone mentioned Vietnamese, and we were all over it. We headed to Pho Grand and ordered up some deliciousness:

At our level of hunger, we definitely needed appetizers. We got some fried eggrolls and lettuce wraps. Then it was on to the main event:

I got beef with hot chiles and lemongrass. It was cooked perfectly, and tasted divine. I gobbled it up before I even realized it!

Later, to burn off all the calories, we hosted a special dance party at Nicole and Raul’s house:

Good times!

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