Amazing STL eats

Even thought we went to Saint Louis to celebrate Mardi Gras, we had a couple of other really amazing outings as well.

One of my favorite restaurants, Llywelyn’s, was our destination one night. Although they are FAMOUS for their Pub Burgers, I was in the mood for some poultry, so I opted for a Turkey Melt, coupled with some must-try Sweet Potato Fries:

It was a ton of food, but worked out nicely when I needed some leftover munchies for our trip back home (especially since we ate ALL the hummus during the drive down).

Just before we took off, we had one last fabulous breakfast at The Mud House. This popular spot is owned by a dynamic husband and wife duo that have really gotten quite a few things perfectly. The decor is wonderfully eclectic, the atmosphere is welcoming and friendly and the food is delectable. They serve unusually large mugs of coffee in all varieties of flavors.

Although there were many choices on the menu that had been recommended to me, I decided to go with the Veggie Breakfast Sandwich (coincidentally Dan did too, without either of us planning ahead. We’re just THAT perfect for each other.)

It turned out to be a great choice:

eat me!

The bread had a bit of a “rye” flavoring to it, which paired perfectly with the sweet taste of the cheese, the piping hot egg and the crunch of the cucumber. I was definitely satisfied with my decision, and it left me full ALMOST until we made it back to Chicago. 🙂


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