Mardi Gras!

You might not think that an event such as Mardi Gras requires all that much prep. I’m here to tell you how wrong you are (what kind of metric scale do you use for “wrongness?”)

First you have to fuel up. In our case, that meant downing a whole mess of Nicole’s famous banana, chocolate-chip pancakes:

Stop licking the screen!

Since Dan and I are usually responsible for making our own breakfast, this was quite a treat. Kudos to Nicole!

After the eating is done, it’s time to head out. If it’s rainy and chilly, as it was this year, everyone dons rain boots and a bunch of layers, hoping for the best.

Once we all got in the spirit of things, the weather was secondary. First we attended the parade. The below was my favorite float, because it reminded me of Penny:

beggin' strips!

Of course, the throwback to childhood float was also a sight to see:

hello, muppets!

We caught beads, and kept moving to stay warm. We ran into friends from college:

We sampled the food that the street vendors had to offer. Dan was MOST enthralled by the giant turkey legs:

I think there's something on your face.

We got lucky, and knew several people hosting “open-door” parties in the Soulard area, so we stayed warm and well-fed for most of the day. After about seven hours of partying like it was 1999, we headed home for a nap. We all needed one!


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