Our own pizzeria

One of Dan’s and my favorite things to do on a Friday night is open a bottle of wine and make a pizza for ourselves. When we heard Dan’s sister would be coming over for dinner, we knew that it was the perfect solution for dinner.

We opened the wine, courtesy of Kristyn’s impeccable taste and welcomed generosity:

Dan got to work on the pizzas. Kristyn had brought over some pizza dough for us to use as a base for the toppings, but we were unfamiliar with this pizza making territory, and we didn’t cook it long enough to firm up the crust before filling it with toppings. It fell apart in the oven a bit, so we broke down and ran out for a Boboli crust. Perhaps NEXT time we will tackle the dough!

The end result was still amazing – I love how they both turned out, even though each had a unique flavor:

The first had a black bean “sauce,” onions, artichokes (canned this time), mushrooms, red onion and JALAPENO! You could definitely taste the kick that those little babies brought to the table.

The second looked like this:

This pizza had a white bean base, black olives, spinach, red pepper, mushrooms and cheese. It was also quite tasty, and served as a nice non-spicy base to “rest” in between bites of the jalapeno pizza.

Normally when we set out to make a pizza, we have a theme in mind (although there wasn’t one here). For instance, one time we made a “Greek” pizza or another time, it was Mexican in nature. Although this experience didn’t include cohesive theming, they were still very tasty and the ingredients married well together. That combined with wine and some wonderful company made for a fabulous evening! I highly recommend trying it at home (generous and loving sister in law sold separately plus talented husband sold separately).

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