Pushin’ Through

As I mentioned previously, each workout this week has gotten harder and harder to wake myself up for! Last night when I wrote my workout and went to bed, I figured that since it was Friday, it would be a piece of cake and I would bound out of bed, excited to get a jump-start on my favorite day of the week. Unfortunately, this was not the case, and my internal debate ALMOST got the best of me. Eventually, I got out of bed and got my butt to the gym. Thank you, parents of mine, for instilling in me a work ethic and encouraging me to dedicate myself to my goals, no matter how small-scale they may be.

Once I reached the gym, I realized that through an unfortunate act of fate involving my iPod Shuffle and crazy iTunes, I had NO MUSIC! Thank you, husband of mine, for being generous and able to complete a workout with no music. He lent me his iPod, and I enjoyed the change of pace of an unfamiliar playlist. (Also, this news means that I have had to make a new playlist for March, solving the monthly issue brought up here).

I took a cue for my workout from the most current issue of Women’s Health Magazine, found here but I changed it up a bit. My version looked like this:

-3 sets of lunge to shoulder press and bicep curls with 10 pound dumbbells
-3 sets of 12 Wood Choppers  with 10 pound dumbbells
-3 sets of  planks, including 3 sets of 10 Mountain Climbers with the Stability Ball (is this my favorite core exercise, or WHAT?)
-3 sets of 15 back extensions on the Stability Ball
-3 sets of 15 Bench Press on the Stability Ball with 10 pound dumbbells
-3 sets of 30 Side to Side Situps with a 10 pound dumbbell
-3 sets of 15 hamstring curls with the stability ball
-3 sets of 10 lat pull downs with 50 pounds of weight (I used the machine for this one)

Sadly, because of my dilly dallying before going to the gym, I didn’t have time to get in the elliptical cardio I had promised myself, but there is ALWAYS tomorrow! (which ironically, is one of the phrases I was using to convince myself I didn’t have to go to the gym this morning – ha!)

This workout also had several diagrams to remind myself what the move entailed, and I will certainly post that picture later, as some of them are pretty funny-looking and begging to be shared.

Happy Friday!

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