Week of Workouts

I have been fairly remiss in posting about working out this week. I figured that I would take a summary approach at this point instead of attempting to write a post per workout.

Workout #1

I definitely woke up on the first day of this week with a “Case of the Mondays” (which didn’t bode well for the remainder of the week) and wasn’t feeling all that motivated. Luckily, partially because of an indulgent weekend and mostly because of my wonderful husband whose will-power was in full-swing, we trudged to the gym anyway. To reward myself just for getting out of bed and doing the thing, I kept it fairly light and fun. I did 45 minutes on the Arc Trainer while catching up on my ever-important priority, Saved By the Bell. I finished with some plank exercises and stretching, feeling proud that I managed to eek a workout in, but also feeling slightly guilty that it wasn’t a full-out, hardest workout of my life sweat session. Dan and I discussed it on the way home, and he convinced me (because he’s right) of a few things:
1. Going to the gym and doing a workout is way better than not going at all.
2. I have been increasing the intensity of my workouts lately, so this only seemed like a light workout relatively speaking.
3. My body (and likely my outlook on exercise) would hate me if every single time needed to be the hardest I’ve ever worked out. It’s better to be consistent and to enjoy the exercise I’m doing.

After he made all these very good points, I realized I love my light, cardio-only days, and vowed to include more of them in my future schedules.

Workout #2

Non-existent. On Tuesday, I gave into my mental debate, which usually sounds something like this:

Me1: Get up! Your alarm is going off and you should go workout.
Me2: I worked out yesterday, and I will workout other times this week. I’m really tired. I don’t think I got enough sleep.
Me1: You will feel better if you go …
Me2: Doesn’t my body need to rest? How am I going to sustain five days of working out per week for the rest of my life? I should create a more realistic schedule.
Me1: You’re already awake. You might as well go.
Me2: Already back to sleep.

It doesn’t happen often, but this week in particular, there was a great deal more arguing in my head than normal. Maybe it’s the rainy, dreary weather?

Workout #3

This was my favorite workout so far this week. It was one of my only total body weight lifting workouts to date. Normally, I split my weight lifting up into upper body, lower body and core. Yet, I decided to try something new.  As usual, I wrote down everything I wanted to do the night before. Unfortunately, I forgot my slip of paper at home! So I had to wing it. It ended up looking like this:

-4 sets of 15 squats on the Bosu Ball with two 10 pound dumbbells
-3 sets of 12 Curtsy Lunges with two 10 pound dumbbells
-3 sets of 10 Modified Pull Ups (the hard way, like we did here)
-3 sets of 15 Seated Compound Rows at 85 pounds
-3 sets of 15 Push Rows at 65 pounds
-3 sets of 10 Assisted Tricep Dips (I used the machine to counteract some of my weight)

I finished with about 15 minutes on the Arc Trainer. I felt like I got a lot accomplished! It was almost identical to the workout I had planned and left at home, aside from a couple of minor substitutions.

Workout #3

After a day full of weights and strength training, I was definitely in the mood for some more cardio. I thought about my mentality on running, and decided to give it a try.  I hopped on the treadmill FULL of positive thoughts and just did what I felt like doing. It was wonderful! For the purpose of of not competing or discouraging myself, I’m not going to publicize the length of the run (which I know wasn’t the best in the world), but it felt good to get through 3.5 miles! Eventually I will get better on my own terms and by my own standards and feel better about sharing 🙂

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