Happy Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown!

Yes, I’m aware that we are currently in the month of March. But why should that mean we can’t celebrate one of the most deliciously food-centric holidays around? My parents agreed, so they bought a turkey and all the trimmings and went to town. Luckily we were there to benefit from their insanity. There was the turkey, of course:

bird's the word!

We also had stuffing and mashed potatoes (two of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes)

I may or may not have been caught later in the evening making “mashed potato fingers” by scooping some of the leftovers out of the bowl …

This nutrient-rich cousin also made an appearance at our dinner, because well, we like our potato products (I’m pretty sure it’s genetic):

And because we were pretty sure we weren’t going to have ENOUGH food, my dad made a quinoa turkey pilaf loaf. I’m pretty it’s the first of it’s kind, but I would certainly repeat this dish – it was great!

There was no pumpkin pie this time around, but that gives me the perfect opportunity to announce to all of you that Dan finished the ENTIRE PIE that I “made” him for his birthday. Kristyn had one slice while she was here, but I couldn’t believe my ears when Dan told me that the pie was gone. I’m very proud of him. And of myself. For making a pie that one person would consume all of.

Like most Thanksgiving dinners, we had plenty of leftovers that I used throughout the week for lunches as seen here. I love this holiday for so many reasons, and I think that celebrating it twice a year is a fabulous idea. I only wish that our normal crowd that gets together for Thanksgiving could have attended this mock celebration.

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