Lotsa Lunch

As a special Friday treat, Dan came to my office to take me out to lunch! We took a field trip to Yard House. I hardly ever leave the office for my noon-time meal, so this was particularly exciting.

We were starving, so we ordered a hummus plate.

It was a wonderful combination of flavors and texture. Of course, I did my best to steal all the olives before Dan had a prayer.

For lunch, Dan opted to try something from their new “Veggie” menu. They have taken several meat dishes and created veggie substitutes from soy and vegetable products. Dan picked the Veggie Mac ‘N’ Cheese, which the waitress told him still comes with bacon … whaaaaaa ? Oh, well. Luckily, he was cool with that.

It was delicious, but VERY rich and creamy. If I had eaten that whole bowl the way Dan did … I’m not sure I would be breathing right now. Fortunately, my order was much lighter. I chose a Chicken and Veggies bowl that was served on top of brown rice.

It was veggie-filled and really hit the spot. Also, anything I can put soy sauce on without getting funny looks from fellow diners is a winner in my book.

Despite the challenges this week brought, it also came with some really wonderful lunches.

Turkey tastes great with avocado and tomato!

Sushi is always a good choice for any meal (see note about soy sauce above and apply it here).

A simple sweet potato with some salt and pepper served alongside some brightly colored fruit:

equals a colorful and well-balanced meal!

Nothing for lunch this week was all that out of the ordinary, but it all tasted great just the same. Hooray for bright spots!


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