Discount Wine Store?

Yes, please! Wherever there is wine and it’s combined with discount shopping – I’m first in line. There is just such a place not too far down the road from our place, and we finally stopped in to see the goods. We left with three bottles (one of them being a really decently priced score of a vineyard we visited on our Napa Honeymoon!) This was the first one we tried:

It was a crowd pleaser. It was sweeter than most of the Sauvignon Blancs I’ve tasted, which meant even my mom partook. It was delicious and gone in about four seconds flat. I guess the only mistake we made was not buying more bottles!

Like most my wines, this served as a wonderful pre-dinner treat. I’m still not really that great at pairing wine with food, but if I had to put it next to something, I would guess that scallops or a really light fish might be a good choice.

Since this blog’s title implies that there is some sort of pairing process of wines and workouts, I will start suggesting appropriate exercises to go with the wines I drink. This one would have gone really well with a long run. It was refreshing and felt almost hydrating. I could see filling up your water bottle with this instead of Gatorade!


3 thoughts on “Discount Wine Store?

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