Another Discount Score

As I mentioned, we found a sweet Discount Wine Center and bought three bottles. This was the second kind we decided to venture into:

This is one Dan picked out, and it was a winner! It smelled very sweet right out of the bottle, but we unlocked a LOT of aromas by using a wonderful wedding gift we received:

Dan always breaks it out (even though I always forget). I remarked to him earlier that the wine always seems to disappear faster from this vessel than any other!

The color was a deep, appealing purple and the taste was like wine-flavored butter. There was little to no silty aftertaste and the smoothness of the wine made it very easy to drink.

Wine and workout pairing: This bottle would go perfectly with an ab workout. It’s sustainable and not too difficult to get through. It also made me feel stronger by the end of it, like the perfect addition to any meal (or cardio workout).

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