Two E-Z Weeknight Dinners

These meals are so quick and healthy, I didn’t even have to spell out “easy.” That’s how fast they are! True story.

The first is a variation on one of my specialties, eggplant tacos. As I’ve mentioned, I can’t find eggplant lately! We did find some nice zucchini, however, so I figured that would serve as a good substitute in the interim. I chopped up some red onion and sliced up a zucchini and threw them both in a pan with some olive oil.

We had plenty of corn tortillas left over from our night of fish tacos, because apparently these babies come in packs large enough to feed small countries. What I forgot, however, is a trick Dan used when we made fish tacos. He tossed the tortillas in the oven for a couple minutes before filling them because otherwise they fall apart! So while my dish looked beautiful and tasty with tomatoes on top in the beginning:

As soon as I picked it up to eat it … there was a hole in the bottom! Oops! Oh well. It still tasted delicious, and I definitely learned my lesson, which I decided to apply to my other easy peasy weeknight dinner.

This recipe incorporates one of my favorite kitchen tools, the Crock Pot! Set it and forget it may be the best phrase ever invented, and there’s almost no better a feeling than leaving work knowing that dinner will be ready for you when you get home. It’s almost like having a robot cooking for you. I always wanted to take Rosie from The Jetsons home with me:

The only work we did for this dish was in the morning before work. We threw some chicken, salsa, mushrooms and spices into the crock pot and flipped the switch.

When I walked in the door, I was greeted with this lovely sight:

I added a little shredded cheese (Yes, it is officially back in my life! (in moderation, of course)) and some Chobani to my mixture in a taco shell, and another star dinner was born:

This time, I remembered to heat up the tortillas first and I enjoyed the tacos as they were meant to be eaten (as in, not with a fork).

Both these meals are easy, healthy, full of veggies and relatively inexpensive!

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