A New Kind of Hummus

I have been wanting to make my own hummus for quite some time. Today, the opportunity was ripe for the picking. My dad and I decided on a new flavor – Roasted Poblano Pepper Hummus!

First we took some beauties from the store and washed them off:

These get popped into the oven at 400 degrees. It usually takes about 20 minutes to roast them, but basically you just have to watch them. They are ready to come out when the skins start cracking. They also need to be turned over to make sure they are cooked evenly on all sides:

The next step is to peel the skins off and pull the seeds out to leave the part of the pepper that will go into the hummus. We chopped it up pretty finely as well, all the while, our chick peas were draining:

In a container, we combined the chick peas, some salt, garlic, lemon juice and Tahini:

We followed the proportions and instructions loosely of this Food Network recipe. Instead of utilizing a food processor, though, we broke out the Immersion Blender:

We mixed everything without the peppers first – we wanted to make sure we had control over the amount of spice and pepper flavor we were adding to the mixture. They were ready to be chopped up and added:

We added about two rounds of peppers to our mixture in order to achieve the desired taste and effect.

The end result was amazing!

Highly recommend trying this form of hummus, particularly if you are a fan of Poblano Peppers! They add a great taste and a unique texture that I’ve never been able to find in a store-bought hummus.

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