Top Three End of Day Snacks

I am a bonified grazer. Not only do I not like to eat big
meals, but my stomach doesn’t really handle them all that well. I
have, in fact, been known – to order a huge dinner out at a
restaurant, eat less than half of it, and then get in to the
takeout container on the car ride home. My stomach expects to be
constantly eating smaller amounts of food, and I live to make my
stomach happy. On work days, this is perfect, because not only do I
get to appease my stomach, but I take a little break from staring
at my computer. Usually, the content of these breaks is pretty
routine. Mid-morning I have my daily fix of Chobani, and then
whenever I can, I break for “lunch” where I eat the main part of my
meal – a sandwich or soup, salad, etc. The afternoon snack is
always the most interesting. I change this up frequently depending
on what my plans are for the evening, but here, in no particular
order, are my top three favorites: 1. Apples with peanut butter.
You get a bit of fat, sneak in another serving of fruit, and it
tends to satiate my hunger pretty well! The only time this is not a
good snack is if I plan to hop on a treadmill any time in the two
hours following – that results in an acid-reflux like reaction to
the apple. 2. A bar. Granola, Larabar, Clif Bar, etc. These are for
the days when I know I won’t be eating dinner for a bit and I need
something fairly substantial to get me through the interim. Right
now, I am currently obsessed with trying new flavors of Clif Bars – Carrot Cake is in the lead
currently. 3. “Trail Mix.” Back in the day, my homemade trail mix
was really an excuse to eat M&M’s and call it a healthy
snack. More recently, I’ve learned more about the nutritional value
of various kind of nuts and legumes, so I like to stock my mix with
almonds, pumpkin seeds, and of course a LITTLE chocolate (otherwise
it’s no fun!) This snack is very easy to make, it’s quite mobile,
and of course, you have a lot more portion control, because you can
seal it up and put it away if you feel like you’ve had enough.
What are some other good end of day/afternoon snacks?

3 thoughts on “Top Three End of Day Snacks

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